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INTO THE VOID PODCAST - Episode 3: 'Eulogy'-If Not For Me

Updated: May 18, 2022

Episode 3 of the Into The Void Podcast is up! I talk with four piece metalcore outfit If Not For Me from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania about their new album release 'Eulogy' and much more! Composed of veterans ranging from all over the central PA music scene, INFM delivers their own brand of magnetic choruses, robust riffs, and massive breakdowns that are making metalcore fans take an interest in the up-and-coming heavy-hitters.

In this new podcast episode of Into The Void, I talk with four piece metalcore outfit from Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania, If Not For Me. We talk about their new album release, 'Eulogy,' how their band started, the music industry, touring, and more!

“When we started writing for this record and I was just throwing words in my head onto paper, I started noticing a common theme between the first few demos we put together. The subject matter was all fairly dark and personal to me, and I had never really gotten the chance to write stuff like that before. It was honestly kind of exciting for me. For the first time ever I was writing something that actually spoke to me. ”-Patrick Glover (Vocalist)

"Eulogy is probably one of the more honest collections of songs I've ever written, and I say that because everything I talk about on the record is something that I've personally experienced or is important to me. I've never talked about my mental health in a song. I've never talked about the things I don't say out loud, and I don't know what it was about Hayden and Zac's instrumental writing but I found it brilliant, and it made me want to step outside of my comfort zone a bit and pulled those things out of me. I was in a bit of a rough place mentally when I wrote this record, and I think that it definitely shows. " says vocalist Patrick Glover.

Eulogy is personal and intrinsically digs deep into the human mind as it struggles with the mental and emotional pain of depression, suicide ideation, loss, to and coming to terms with humanity's often self-inflicted wounds with war, extinction, and depletion of natural resources, and in this podcast, we dive deep into all of this in this new episode.

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Step Into The Void.

Video editing: Sammie Starr

Editing by: Schae Beaudoin Music by: Intro and Outro "Lights" (Jpow Flicks)



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