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Seeing Things Release New Volatic Single "SWITCHBLADE"

SEEING THINGS release their new massive and voltaic single, "SWITCHBLADE," part of their new album BLOOD RAVE.

Since they debuted on the metalcore scene, SEEING THINGS have made it their mission through their music to capture the fear, anxiety, terror, and despair through their aggressive instrumentalism and compelling lyricism. Sewing in the themes of current social issues such as apathy and injustice into their lyrical framework, SEEING THINGS confronts their inner demons head-on and fuels the listener to find the courage to do the same for theirs. Ever since its inception, SEEING THINGS has been forged to bring a minty, unwilted new sound to the scene. The band emits an agitated presence of down-tuned guitar tones fueled by an ever-present paranoia 妄想症.

Our mission is to show the metal crowd the different types of energy and vibes that the world of electronic music offers. Moshpits are great fun, but it's also amazing to lock into the beat and lose yourself in the music.

With their roughhewn, invigorating energy and their unyielding commitment to their message, Seeing Things invites you on a journey of self-discovery and social awareness in their upcoming album titled Blood Rave. Their new single, "Switchblade," is just one of those moments that are part of this journey. Seeing Things' 'Switchblade' tackles the strong and devastating nature of addiction and its propensity to drive individuals down a path of self-destruction. Illustrating how addiction can be sharp and deadly, and cause lasting emotional scars, this comparison takes on added significance when combined with vampirism, highlighting the insatiable craving and unending thirst for blood. Seeing Things may be one of many new bands in an ever-evolving scene, but their destructive sound is quickly turning heads and making listeners pay attention to their presence.

What made you guys want to start Seeing Things? What is the story behind the name of your band?

Seeing Things was originally founded by our guitarist Vojta in 2018. However, I personally believe that the true birth of the band took place in 2021 when we released Animosity. It was during this period that our current lineup solidified, and we became fully dedicated to advancing our musical journey. The name "Seeing Things" carries an air of darkness and intrigue, perfectly reflecting the lyrical content and atmosphere we strive to convey through our music.

What are your musical influences? How has that influenced your music path forward?

We are heavily influenced by the modern metalcore scene, mainly the Australian new wave of nu metalcore. Rap music is also a huge influence, especially UK drill and European rave music such as drum and bass, techno, psytrance, and jungle are elements that make us different from the rest of the crowd. We want to create a brand-new musical experience at our shows. Our goal is to combine the pumping energy of the underground rave dancefloor with the chaotic vibe of metal.

Instrumentally how have you guys challenged yourselves to go above and beyond your 2020 EP, Paranoia? There are a lot of heavy dissonances that are interwoven with a lot of great electronic elements that complement such aggressive energy in that EP.

The Paranoia EP was more oriented toward chaos and dissonance. Going forward, we want to experiment with different rhythms, and bass lines and make the music sound more like a sweaty underground warehouse metal rave. Aggression is a big part of our music, but we also want to bring the groove and progressive elements into our next album.

Lyrically, in your new single, "Switchblade," we are looking at the destructive nature of addiction and how that can force its way into others by way of self-destruction. How was writing lyrically for this track and even your earliest track release, "Soulkiller," different from your 2020 EP Paranoia?

We have always written about stuff that resonates deep within us and that probably won't change going forward. Vocal-wise, we do want to take more inspiration from dance music but make it still sound like a metal song.

What have you taken from these new singles that were not present in your last EP release?

We are happy that our fanbase resonates with the new approach to our songwriting and we cannot be more thrilled about what's coming next. With the recent singles, we hope that people understood that Seeing Things is not just your average nu-metalcore band.

What are you wanting others to take from these new experiences?

Our mission is to show the metal crowd the different types of energy and vibes that the world of electronic music offers. Moshpits are great fun, but it's also amazing to lock into the beat and lose yourself in the music.

What is next for you guys? Are these new songs part of a bigger chapter for you?

All of the singles we are going to be releasing are a part of our upcoming album, titled BLOOD RAVE.


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