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About Me

I'm a music journalist who's writing has traveled worldwide with the best of bands and artists. This project got started because I wanted to write something more personal than what I was writing on current publications. Not because I didn't or don't enjoy writing for said publications, but because I always felt there was more to the story that I wanted to tell. When I graduated college, I told myself that If I didnt find the opportunity I wanted, I was going to carve that path out for myself. This project is that opportunity, an on-going loveletter to music and the artists that work day-in and day-out to create it. 

I wanted to tell the full story behind these talented musicians and the art they create. I hope you love the content and continue to support this project, as it is more than just my passion, its supporting bands and artists, and what they do for a living. Thank you for visiting and your support on this new venture! To donate to the project, click the picture on the right to donate to my ko-fi! Thanks so much to anyone that does. You're amazing. 


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