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Artist's Notebook: FOXHAUNT - "White Noise"

FOXHAUNT continues their path of forward momentum and emotional honesty with their new single, "White Noise."

Making waves in the scene since the release of their thought-provoking EP Divison Culture in 2023, FOX HAUNT has continued their success streak with a brand new kind of energy and sound in 2024 with their latest single, "White Noise." While Division Culture has contributed significantly to the band's success, it is their distinct sound, inventiveness, and commitment to their fans that have earned them a loyal following.

Continuing their introspective deep dive from their previous single "Blissful Ignorance," "White Noise" explores the inner battle of losing oneself and the process of attempting to put oneself back together. An encounter with a venomous kick tempered by a delicate melodic cadence that's both ferociously expansive and soul-stirring, FOXHAUNT exhibits the capacity to create immense emotional soundscapes that continue to define their unique musical presence.  

I hope people find this as a release from all that, this song shows that you can be vulnerable, honest, and real. I wrote these lyrics when I felt a bit lost and frustrated because I didn’t feel I was living up to my expectations – it gave me an outlet and I think everyone has to find that.

Through their latest venture of self-observation and collaboration, the band has spent countless hours polishing their sound to create an experience that is both authentic and vulnerably transparent. Through this process, FOXHAUNT has matured and emerged stronger and more confident than ever from such growth.

While only the second experience in this new musical quest, FOXHAUNT's latest single, "White Noise," continues to define their deft path of emotional honesty while pushing the boundaries that exist in their relationship with heavier territories within their music.

Hello Foxhaunt, welcome back to Into The Void! When we first interacted, we were talking about Divison Culture, a thought-provoking EP that dived deep into the themes of societal influences and how these influences affected people's beliefs, concerns, and actions that, in turn, shaped the world around us. In a way, I want to say that this EP revealed a band that was not only changed by such experiences but would be the prelude for your new singles that would follow up such deep introspection. How has life been since Division Culture? What was your mindset like going into your new single, "White Noise?"

Ollie Swift: Thank you very much! Life since Division Culture has been good, I think we did identify that we wanted to push ourselves into a heavier sound though and that’s why Blissful Ignorance & White Noise are a bit more forward-thinking in that aspect. We also collaborated as a group much more on White Noise, starting with vocal melodies and building the song out from there. The reception has been amazing, and I think it’s told us that this vibe really works for us and is what makes us tick.

Instrumentally, Division Culture has this strong cathodic ambiance, but also this sharp, aggressive edge that is softened by its vulnerable melodic cadence. I think it showed that you guys were willing to explore different musical territories yet still bring something to the table that was original, exciting, and poignant. With your new singles, there is more of an edge and a bit of darkness imbued in your melodicism. What are some of the things you guys are trying to accomplish that you didn't feel you had to change to do with Division Culture?

Ollie Swift: We just want to reach new levels, Division Culture was great for us and gave us more opportunities – but I think we all agreed that we wanted to play heavier songs as that’s where we thrive most in the studio and a live setting. Both of our releases so far in 2024 embody that, and the reception has been even bigger and better – which has ultimately led to increased success for us. As a band, we’ll keep pushing ourselves to create better music that our fans can relate to. 

Lyrically, "White Noise" discusses losing oneself and what you stand for. I know you explored similar ideas in Division Culture, and in various manners, you're continuing the discourse about our difficulties and how they shape who we are. Can we discuss that?

Ollie Swift: Division Culture was more based on social issues, self-reflection, and being better as a person. Whereas White Noise is certainly more focused on losing sight of who you are and what your purpose is, we wanted to capture this in the feel of the song and through the lyrics – it’s a proper epic tune as well. Listeners can interpret the song however they like though, if it relates to people in a different way to how it’s written then that’s a testament to how our songs have developed over the past couple of years.

What do you want fans and listeners to get out of this new experience? While you have progressed from Division Culture, I believe it has to do with not just developing from such experiences but also with the internal conflicts we face and the decisions that result from them. Do we disregard these terrible aspects of our lives because it is safer not to feel vulnerable, or do we accept the emotional dangers of confronting these circumstances full-on? Is that fair to say?

Ollie Swift: I hope people find this as a release from all that, this song shows that you can be vulnerable, honest, and real. I wrote these lyrics when I felt a bit lost and frustrated because I didn’t feel I was living up to my expectations – it gave me an outlet and I think everyone has to find that. It doesn’t have to be music, but something that allows us to take the weight off our shoulders and keep going.

What is next for you guys? Are these new singles part of something bigger?

Ollie Swift: We’re going to get back into the studio this summer, more releases are to come and we feel we’ve started to reach new heights as a band – our new bassist Sam has also been a great addition and it’s great to get his contribution with writing, I feel like it’s pushed us even more. We’ll probably have some downtime over the summer to focus on new releases so we come out the other side with something even better than anything we’ve done before.



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