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Patient Sixty-Seven Fires on All Cylinders With New Single "Damage Plan"

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Patient Sixty-Seven operate on a heavier vehicle with their new single "Damage Plan"

Patient Sixty-Seven have proved that hard work and belief in your craft can get you just about anywhere you want to go in the music industry if you refuse to give up. With their signing to Invogue Records last year and collaboration with some of the hottest talents in the scene right now, it seems as if there is no stopping one of the most bright and impressive bands in the genre.

While their debut deluxe re-release of Home Truths has done wonders for their success, their new single "Damage Plan" is certainly a head-turner in the best of ways. Operating under a heavier vehicle compared to its predecessor, "Damage Plan" is taking their sound in an exciting new direction. Although this is only scratching the surface of what's to come, "Damage Plan" is already showing us that there are many layers to peel back on the Perth Australian natives, this is only the beginning.

“We want people to hopefully enjoy the song, but if they relate on any level that’s always incredible, and music is such a unique vehicle for that sort of shared relationship.”

Thank you so much for being here! The last time we spoke about your music was with Scene Daddy (big shout out!). We talked about your big signing with Invogue Records, to collaborating with some well-known vocalists and bands within the scene such as Rory Rodriguez, Kellin Quinn, and Outline in Color. I love that you guys have just been forging this path of excellence this year for yourselves, it's worth congratulating. How are things since the new single "Damage Plan" is out now?

Tom Kiely: Thank you so much, Samantha! It’s so good to talk to you again, we appreciate it a great deal.

Things are good. It's been an incredible 6 months for our band, building on the release of Home Truths, great opportunities came from that record. Like you said, working with some amazing musicians, and signing with Invogue Records. We’ve just been working on ourselves, figuring out what the next chapter looks like, and where we want to go. It’s been really revealing and we’ve all learned a lot about ourselves. I’m excited about where things sit.

Can we talk about your single "Damage Plan" a bit? From looking at Home Truths to this, It seems that the new single "Damage Plan" is operating on a heavier vehicle while also maintaining some of the melodic trajectories within the lyrical framework. Is that fair to throw at you? What inspired this new single to make you change directions musically?

Tom Kiely: Yeah, as always Sam, that’s beautifully put. We definitely wanted to showcase a more aggressive side to the band. Kind of really channeling some of that heavier energy, something you could throw down to, but also stay true to the parts we’ve always loved about our band. Keeping the melody, and working to create something that kept its foot on the gas the whole way through.

I don’t know if it’s as much a change as it is an evolution and wanting to experiment in part with our sound. I guess the inspiration behind it was just the process of the song coming to life. As the lyrics and song came together - it shaped up being a song that did a few things differently while still hopefully maintaining the polish from our previous record!

What was the writing and recording process like for the single "Damage Plan" since this was so different from your previous singles?

Tom Kiely: I think as the demo evolved - it was clear we wanted to use this song as a chance to bring out a more raw and aggressive version of Patient Sixty-Seven. The process was similar to previous efforts…but I think we were just happy to let the walls down and open ourselves up a little more.

The demo was a little less heavy, riffier, and fast-paced - so we restructured to lean into the lyrical content and wanting to hammer home the intensity. The song to me still kicks hard, you have the balance of the verses to the sort of anthem in the chorus - it’s a cool parallel. I think we’re always learning about ourselves as musicians and this song was no exception.

What have you taken from this release as an artist? What do you want new listeners and fans to take from this release?

Tom Kiely: Just that we’ve had a blast putting this song out, as far as the messages found in music and this song in particular: That you can fight for something more, confront your vices or pain points or toxic relationships - whatever might be holding you back - say you deserve better. And walk away. We want people to hopefully enjoy the song, but if they relate on any level that’s always incredible, and music is such a unique vehicle for that sort of shared relationship.

What is next for you guys moving forward? Every time we speak I feel there is always something exciting and different on the horizon, haha. I never know what to expect.

Tom Kiely: You’ll be hearing more from us soon on multiple fronts, please stay tuned. We can’t wait!

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