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Album Review: alt. - 'Abeyance'

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Coming off their 2020 EP release, Dysfunctional, alt. details their new evolved and towering album experience, Abeyance.

alt. has been making waves in the music industry since 2019 with their unique and edgy sound. Their 2020 EP, Dysfunctional, was a testament to their exceptional sound quality, impressive instrumentation, and overall production value. As a result, alt.has solidified their position in the alternative rock genre. Now alt. has taken the time to create a more focused and evolved sound with their brand new record, Abeyance. A prismatically aggressive experience from start to finish, alt. provides a pleasurable and unrelenting ride that proves just how much they have grown as a band over the years.

Abeyance demonstrates the band's effort to carefully examine and refine their unique alternative sound over the past few years.

alt. has taken their sound to a whole new level since their latest EP, Dysfunctional, starting with their first track, "PARASITE." Their music has become noticeably heavier and more intense. Blended with brutal electronic sections, rap elements, and impressive dualistic vocals alt. provides an opener that exposes us to the adventure of sounds that await the listener on Abeyance. In their first experience, alt. only partially explores their artistic minds and capabilities to extend their imaginative musical visions. However, they delve deeper into this exploration with their second and third tracks, "WRAITH" and "THE GREAT DEPRESSION," which pack a powerful punch.

Bringing a fusion of nu-metal into the mix with electronic bliss, alt. dazzles its listeners with the ability to keep expanding on the tracks that come before it, something the band continues to perform at rather well throughout Abeyance.

Other moments that continue to show impressively jump to more melodic junctures are "A.D.D" and "BACK TO EARTH." While still providing the album the unbridled heavy essence they have served up since the beginning, alt. continues to conquer a myriad of genres without losing sight of the core values of Abeyance.

The albums "FRIENDINTHEDARK" and "THEONLYGOODTHING" feature some stripped-down tracks that have a more mellow side to their diverse instrumental arsenal. Although the edginess of the album slightly decreases, it compensates with its poignant lyrics and exploration of the softer dimensions of their sound.

The album ends with two tracks, "ABEYANCE" and "BETTEROFFLEAVING," that leave a confident and powerful impression on the listener. alt. manages to balance both sweet and intense elements in their music, catering to fans who enjoy either style. This shows respect for all listeners and will appeal to those with diverse musical tastes.

Abeyance demonstrates the band's effort to carefully examine and refine their unique alternative sound over the past few years. This album goes beyond just showcasing an impressive range of genres and well-written lyrics. It takes the listener on a journey of experiencing the intricate sounds and lyrics, allowing them to feel each unique moment. For these reasons, this album succeeds.



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