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Artist's Notebook: Mirrorcell's "Dissolve"

Kansas City metalcore/nu metal band Mirrorcell continues their twisted and captivating journey through the psyche and cosmic horror with their melodic and atmospherically rich single, “Dissolve.”

Since Mirrorcell debuted on the metalcore scene, the metalcore/nu metal Missouri-bred newcomers have showcased how layered and intricate their sound has progressed track for track. Mirrorcell’s latest offer, “Dissolve” details not only one of their most atmospheric and melodic efforts to date, but within such delicate notes, an agitated presence still lingers within its passages. While the band is not alien to such atmospheric beauty in singles such as “Bleach,” “Dissolve” pushes past many of those melodic boundaries and shows a far softer and colder side to their sound.

For me "Dissolve" showed me that we can explore multiple genres and make it work. I personally felt like this song separates us from being a “heavy or metalcore band” and shows that were just Mirrorcell. -Nate Cell

Inspired by Sci-fi and cosmic horror, “Dissolve” takes inspiration from contemporary sci-fi classic, Annihilation. A film about love, desire, treachery, and heartache, it explores how self-destructive humans can be at their core. Making such links to their new track, "Dissolve," sets the tone for getting lost in the unknown and urges listeners to go on a twisted journey of living life on the edge and regrettable oversights in judgment that often lead to one making mixed decisions outside of oneself.  

“Dissolve” is one of the most atmospheric and melodic tracks you guys have produced to date. Most of your tracks have kept an agitated presence up to this point, but you have not lost sight of the atmospheric beauty that makes your music so captivating to listen to. “Bleach” showed a more melodic side to your music but this seems to push past those boundaries. 

Nate Cell: Thank you! We think that Mirrorcell is meant to convey a plethora of different emotions and meanings. Going into this project I wanted each release to be different from the last to keep people interested and engaged with what we were doing. And hopefully, come back wanting more.

A lot of your music is inspired by sci-fi, films, and cosmic horror. “Dissolve” is inspired by the film Annihilation, one of my favorite films for a lot of different reasons. While it dives into love, lust, betrayal, and heartbreak, I believe as a whole it's an experience that dives into how self-destructive we as human beings can be. and I sort of like how that makes a connection to your track, “Dissolve.” What made you want to write about this? How did it come about?

Nate Cell: That’s awesome that you took that from hearing the song! As simple as it is, Dissolve came about when my buddy/co-writer Caleb Freihaut came to me one night and was like “hey, lets write a song about the movie Annihilation” (I had just watched the movie the night before) so I was immediately intrigued and excited for the concept. The song was done quickly and effortlessly actually. It was a great experience and I have my amazing co-writers to thank for it.

Like many of your other songs, “Dissolve” sets this tone for being lost in the unknown. Many of your other tracks have shared some kind of thread of diving into the mind or the psyche, the darkness one enters in the mind. I like that even though these are individual experiences there is a concept that links these experiences together, that if you listen to them together you can create the concept yourself. It works and I feel this underlying concept of diving into these topics has defined you as a band while creatively weaving them around these great sci-fi narratives. Is this something you plan to continue doing for future releases?

Nate Cell: Thank you again! And yes, we have a lot more planned for Mirrorcell that will follow this theme and continue the story we’re trying to build our identity. We're very inspired by Sci-fi, Horror & Cinema in general whether that be sonically or aesthetically.

Each song gives an artist or band something new to take with them or you learn something new about yourself within each process, whether it's a new track or new album. What was that for you this time for “Dissolve?” 

Nate Cell: For me "Dissolve" showed me that we can explore multiple genres and make it work. I felt like this song separates us from being a “heavy or metalcore band” and shows that were just Mirrorcell.


What do you want others to take from this new track “Dissolve?” I like to believe that “Dissolve” is about being self-destructive and being lost in some way, shape, or form plays a part in that. When we live life on the cusp, whether it's in love or lust, there is this self-destructive tendency that exists there, and we have to get back to that center when the betrayal or heartbreak manifests. There is that element of feeling lost and making decisions that make you go outside yourself. 

Nate Cell: Wow, I think the way you put it sums it up perfectly. What I want when people listen to Dissolve (or any of our songs) is to take whatever they feel from the song and make that their reason. I hope that people will feel inspired or safe when listening to Dissolve and pulled into the world we are trying to create with Mirrorcell.


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