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Into The Void: UNCVRD -Ashton Holloway

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

High-energy pop-punk artist Ashton Holloway releases his new single, "Growing Up Sucks," part of an upcoming EP.

Artists like Ashton Holloway developed a profound affinity for music as a youngster after hearing early 2000s emo/pop-punk on his sister's speakers. Holloway would hear Modsun for the first time around 2019, and the rest, as they say, is history. Holloway's continued love for Modsun would blossom with Modsun's literary work, When Did I Wake Up? in 2020, a detailed account of the law of attraction and believing in the power within yourself.

For so long I was so lost trying to find what my identity was. I can say confidently at this moment, all of the music on this new EP is the best work I've made thus far. I’m a wildcard for sure, but I think that’s what defines me as a person.

This inspiring account would serve as the ultimate cause for Ashton Holloway's development as an artist. Inspired by Modsun and other pop-punk superstars like Green Day and Blink 182, Ashton Holloway would employ his creative influences to produce his new single, "Growing Up Sucks," as part of an upcoming EP. With an infectious combination of catchy melodies with a punk-rock nostalgic edge, Holloway delivers a taste of retrospective zest while churning out a bit of modern melodic flair to create a deep and meaningful aural experience about bad vices that bring people together in the most unlikely of ways. Aside from breaking into the scene as a new solo artist, Holloway has learned and embraced the art of discovering and loving himself during the process, and that is something to celebrate.

What started Ashton Holloway? What inspired you to want to start this project?

I’ve had a deep love for music since I was a kid. I grew up listening to 2000’s emo/pop punk because my sister would be blasting it every day on her speakers. I first started wanting to make music around 2019 when I heard MOD SUN for the first time. At the time he was making positive hippy tracks about self-love and helping people. I remember reading his book “When Did I Wake Up” at the beginning of 2020. Throughout the book, he talks a lot about the law of attraction and believing in yourself. He would go on to explain how he would hyper-fixate on music and how writing songs about his past experiences not only helped him but also resonated with other people as he grew as an artist. I think his message of bringing people together and wanting to save lives is what pushed me to become an artist.

What are your musical influences? How was that molded into your new single, "Growing Up Sucks?" There is an infectious, nostalgic, pop-punk essence to your sound that makes it such an enjoyable experience to listen to.

Ashton Holloway: You hit it right on the head! I’ve been inspired by all the modern pop-punk pioneers. Green Day and Blink 182 are the two bands that always come to mind when I think of musical influences. I remember going to a record shop for the first time around 12 years old, and the two CDs I walked out with that day were “American Idiot” and “Blink 182 Greatest Hits.” Blink's greatest hits compilation starts with the fast-paced skater kid anthem “Carousel.” That song stuck with me moving forward and you can see Growing Up Sucks has influences taken from that track specifically.

"Growing Up Sucks" explores the bittersweet journey of maturing and the fears that come with it. How did you approach writing about these relatable and deep themes? What inspired you to write about such themes?

Ashton Holloway: As much as I’d like to say it was easy, this song was very touchy to write as it addresses a lot of stories about people from my past. When I wrote this song I had just gotten myself out of a toxic friend group that was bringing me down. It sucked because I spent so much of my life with these people, but at a certain point, I realized that if I stuck around any longer I would end up being a burnout. We all grew up in the same small town having the same bad vices that undoubtedly brought us together. One time in particular sticks out to me, because we almost lost one of my friends to the substances we were caught up in. After seeing how it affected everyone around me I decided to make that change for myself.

What have you taken from this experience, either personally or musically?

Ashton Holloway: I've learned what it is to truly love myself. When I was still in the mix of everything I became so lost and forgot what made me Ashton Holloway in the first place. Even though it hurt me and there were bridges burned along the way, I know it only made me stronger and I don’t regret anything that has happened. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, so if people are going to hate me for wanting to better my life then so be it. You can help people as much as you want, but it won’t be worth anything unless the person wants to help themselves. At the end of the day, it’s about what truly makes you happy. Musically, this song taught me how to be vulnerable as a songwriter, and learn how to let go once the words are on paper.

If there was one message you wanted listeners to take from this release what would that be?

Ashton Holloway: The one message I would want the listeners to take from this release is to not give up on yourself. No matter how many people tell you you can’t do it, as long as you're willing to put in the work to further yourself anything is possible. I started as a kid making music on my laptop in my shed on GarageBand.

To think that three years later I would be putting out a track that a 12-year-old me would have dreamed of making is so crazy to me.

I won’t say I did this all on my own though. I had a lot of help on the way from my family and friends. Shoutout to Jared Robles from Forever For Now for having faith in me and giving me the chance to make such a powerful record. The track would not sound as good if he didn’t go out of his way to mix, master, and write the whole instrumental. He is the one who understood my vision.

What is next for Ashton Holloway? What can we expect from you down the road? I know there is an EP in the works for you guys, can you share a bit more about that?

Ashton Holloway: What's next is putting out a batch of brand-new studio-quality music. For so long I was so lost trying to find what my identity was. I can say confidently at this moment, all of the music on this new EP is the best work I've made thus far. I’m a wildcard for sure, but I think that’s what defines me as a person. You can see that clearly with the new music we have coming. There’s a mix of fun catchy fast pace pop-punk choruses, and also a sense of authenticity in the more nostalgic emo power ballads. I think this new record hits every piece of the genre and there's a little something for everybody. I’m so grateful to be where I am right now, and I’m so excited to share this piece of my life with all of you very soon.


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