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Becko Releases Edgy and Emotionally Atmospheric New Single "Run Away"

Italian multi-genre producer, musician, and vocalist Marco Calanca aka Becko releases edgy, emotional, and deeply atmospheric track "Run Away" for new FiXT EDM compilation album out February 18th.

Artists like Becko stretch from a long talented line of musicians in the scene, within the post-hardcore genre, Becko re-emerged from the ashes of the band Hope Dies Last. What would be rebirthed is a successful solo career that would take him places most could only dream of.

“My passion for music is something that helps me to express myself every day. For me - it’s a need. If I can’t do music I would go crazy for sure.”

To say that Becko has had an illustrious career is somewhat of an understatement, as the artist talents have traveled from labels such as Warner Italy, Universal Italy, Monstercat, Lowly Palace, Smash The House, to now signing a multi-album deal with record deal FiXT. While the Italian multi-genre producer, musician, and vocalist has also worked with many artists and producers to tote, his new single "Runaway" featuring Biometrix speaks to his credibility as a producer and artist.

Though 2021's EP Darkest Days and this year's EP release LoneWolf have certainly proven the artist diversity within the genres of EDM, Hip-Hop, Industrial, and Rock, emotionally atramentous track "Runaway" presents a vivid scope atmospherically of where the multi-genre artist is heading this year.

Thanks Becko for coming on INTO THE VOID! Your career has been a long and very diverse one up to this point. What made you want to pursue music?

Thanks so much for inviting me INTO THE VOID!

My passion for music is something that helps me to express myself every day.

For me - it’s a need. If I can’t do music I would go crazy for sure.

What are your musical influences? This new single on the FiXT compilation with Biometrix has this beautiful mix of post-dubstep and rock that is so cleverly intertwined together with heavy lyrical tones. How did those influences find their way onto this track?

I can’t deny my first influence in music is Linkin Park. They are the perfect mix of so many different genres that helped me understand that if you mix them you can find yours. And the track with Biometrix is the perfect example!

I know I mentioned Biometrix in the last question, but how did that conversation go with getting to work with the UK producer/singer? How was that creative process working with him outside of your usual projects?

It was very fluid working with Biometrix!

We started with a good instrumental, this dark-ish vibe reminded me of my usual mood on music so we touched the same chords!

It was fantastic to work with the same vibe, truly inspiring for me!

I want to tap into the lyrical context of the song for a bit. "Run Away" taps into some very deep themes of toxic relationships and how it affects us as a whole. Can we dive into that more?

Yeah, the song talks about a toxic relationship. It’s not biographic in this case. I was inspired also by my friend’s histories and what I felt through them.

I’ve experienced the same feelings in past relationships so I understand that feeling and I’ve mixed that feeling with theirs, so here we have “Run Away”

What have you taken from this single personally that you want listeners to take from this?

I love the production. The instrumentals by Biometrix is very classy and I would love people to follow him cuz he’s so talented! I see this song as something like a beautiful car or piece of jewelry!

What can we expect from you within the new year? If this is a taste of that, I feel we are only barely scratching that surface.

Well, I’m preparing three new albums. Ahaha.

Kind of impossible, but I want to achieve this goal.

The first one will be out on April 1st on FiXT! The name is YOU’RE (NOT) ALONE



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