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Osaka-Based Post-Hardcore Artist D-Mad Devil Signs To Label and Releases New Track “Who I Am"

Osaka-based post-hardcore artist D-Mad Devil signs to Theoria Records and releases his new powerful track, "Who I Am."

Our hobbies can often guide us toward our lifelong passions without us even realizing it. This was the case for Diachi, aka "D-Mad Devil," who developed a love for the metalcore and post-hardcore scene and eventually created his own music. Instead of forming a traditional band, he learned to produce music on his computer using DAW and VST plugins. With this approach, he was able to create the sound of a full band and pursue his passion for music. Although originally just a social media alias, D-Mad Devil has since adopted the moniker as his professional name. As a solo artist, he has released his 2019 single "Giving It Everything" and his dynamic 2021 EP "One With The Darkness." Now D-Mad Devil has released a new single, "Who I Am."

Without knowing who we are, who we should be, and who we want to be, there must be times when we forget it. Over the past few years, I have seen several people who have changed their social position and even their personalities due to changes in the world situation. This song and video express the conflict and impatience of a human being who has lost the sense of who he or she should be. - Daichi (D-Mad Devil)

The artist confidently draws inspiration from metalcore and post-hardcore music from 2010 to create a powerful and nostalgic experience. "Who I Am" showcases the raw and authentic talented singer Christian Grey (Villain of The Story) and delves into the conflicts and impatience of those who have lost their way. D-Mad Devil and Christian Grey's collaboration has resulted in an empowering experience that encourages individuals to find their voice amidst the confusion. D-Mad Devil is a promising new artist who has just begun his career. With his new single and record deal with Theoria Records, it seems like there are endless possibilities for his bright success.

What started your solo project D-Mad Devil? I know your approach to the genre is not traditional to a full-band setting, but your solo work creates the element of a full-band setting.

Daichi: In 2018, I was just a listener enjoying listening to the music of the metalcore/post-hardcore scene. At that time I was not even a performer/musician and had no musical knowledge. It was around this time that I saw my friends doing creative stuff on social media and in real life and wanted to start doing something unique myself as well. It was crazy to make this genre of music with one person myself, but luckily I was good at intermediate IT skills and investigative skills. So I learned how to make music on a DAW on my computer. At the time some VST plugins emulated the sounding of guitar, bass, and drums, so I was able to make music in this genre without hiring a band. Fortunately, I was a little good at singing, to begin with. After continuing to make music for a year from there, I contacted Christian Gray to feature his vocals, who I respected as an artist and started working as an artist in earnest. By the way, "D-Mad Devil" was just a name on social media before I started working, but gradually it became the name of this solo project.

What made you want to create music in this particular genre? What inspired you?

Daichi: I've always loved video games, and when I was in middle school, I heard that some of my favorite games were tied up with songs by Slipknot and Stone Sour, and I fell in love with the metal genre. After that, I fell in love with rap metal through Korn, Linkin Park, and Hollywood Undead, but after listening to the songs by Asking Alexandria and Blessthefall a few years later, I fell in love with metalcore/post-hardcore. I love heavy sounds combined with screams and catchy choruses. When I have an idea for a song in my head, it's usually this style of music. Blessthefall is the one that inspired me the most. Their album Hollow Bodies (2013) is the one I've listened to repeatedly the most in my life and it's still the best work for me.

What are your creative influences? What inspired you to create your new single, "Who I Am?"

Daichi: I love metalcore/post-hardcore with heavy sounds, screams, and catchy choruses. Most of my favorite works are from the early 2010s. I didn't realize this until my listeners told me, but my songs are well-loved by listeners who love early 2010s metalcore/post-hardcore. This single "Who I Am" is particularly influenced by early 2010s metalcore. It also has a lot to do with the fact that Christian Grey, who I co-wrote this song with, is good at old metalcore styles.

How was this creative process different from your last album release, One With The Darkness? In what ways has this single challenged you to think outside of the box of what you have done previously?

Daichi: A lot of the process of songwriting was the same as the previous EP, but of course, there were new challenges. I usually complete the first demo by myself and send it to my co-writer (Christian Grey), who then sends me back additional ideas. But this time we had an interesting chance that I could watch him working on the additional ideas via a Twitch stream. It was so exciting to see his candid reaction to my demo and the process of the additional ideas in real-time. Also, the music video was a bigger challenge than ever before. I told the video director Shinpei Nakamura in my hometown about the idea for the video and shot it at a local studio. At the same time, I told Christian Grey (as the featured vocalist) the feel for the location, and had him shoot his footage in a place in his hometown, which accorded to the vibes of where I was shot. It was a big project for me, but we were able to complete it in less than 2 months from shooting to editing.

Shinpei Nakamura (video director) / Ademoyo:

Lyrically, what is the inner message of "Who I am?"

Daichi: Without knowing who we are, who we should be, and who we want to be, there must be times when we forget it. Over the past few years, I have seen several people who have changed their social position and even their personalities due to changes in the world situation. This song and video express the conflict and impatience of a human being who has lost the sense of who he or she should be.

Of course, I always write the original lyrics, but my co-writer Christian Grey rewrites them in better English to make them make more sense. I love this final result of the lyrics written.

What have you taken from this new experience that has made you grow as an artist?

Daichi: Until the previous single, my main mission was to just build audiences on Spotify. From this single onwards, I can build a partnership with Theoria Records, which allows me to reach wider audiences. This single was featured on Apple Music's big official playlist "Breaking Hard Rock" the first release week. Also at the time of this interview, it's featured in the top songs order of TIDAL's official playlist "Rising: Metal". I'm excited to continue to be recognized as an artist by more audiences.

What do you want listeners to take from this new release, whether they have been fans or are just getting into your music?

Daichi: This single is also the symbol of my style, so I would like to tell the listeners that if they like metalcore/post-hardcore with catchy choruses, they'll love my music. And I would like more people to recognize that solo artists like myself can exist in this scene, even though there are a lot of artists with full band styles.

What is next for you?

Daichi: I am working on my first full-length album including this single "Who I Am" and the previous single "Wither". Almost all the core ideas for the rest tracks were written. I am still in the phase of finalizing writing and recording them one after another, which needs a crazy amount of work. But I have just finished recording one of them and it'll be the next single. So there will be another new single release in the not-too-distant future.

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