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Album Review: Devitalized - State of Aggression

Massachusetts death/hardcore band Devitalizer returns with their chaotically destructive debut album, State Of Aggression.

Since Devitalized made their mark on the scene with 2022's Resurgence EP, the Massachusetts multi-genre outfit has slowly become a band that has been catching the attention of deathcore and hardcore fans alike. But their unrelenting fusion of both genres is not the only thing that is ear-catching about this band on the rise. Colored with mosh-inducing breakdowns, dirty percussive energies, and serpentine vocal play, Devitalized has created an eight-track experience that further explores the band's dissonant genre use and the ability to balance such concepts with discordant elements in their latest release, State Of Aggression

State of Aggression is an album that doesn't try to represent itself as deathcore, hardcore, or metalcore. It embraces everything all at once that Devitalized strives to be. 

From the start, the opening track, "Welcome Back" greets its listeners from the shadows of their last EP release, and gives them some new walls of aggressive contention to hang about in. Devitalized comes back stronger than they ever were a few years prior. With demolishing guitar riffs that violently dance within the parapets of infectiously raw, odd-time, see-saw-like vocals, Devitalized proves right from the start that they are a bold band that is creatively intrusive within their instrumental and vocal delivery. 

"Deep Cuts" and "Karma Sutra" continue to uphold their darkened kaleidoscopic soundscapes, where they adventurously explore the extent of their unique aggressive style, yet carrying a different kind of emotional lyrical weight behind such powerfully driven vocal leads and titanic instrumental structures before arriving at the major highlight of the record, "X_X".Setting itself apart from other combative energies on the record, Devitalized sets a somber and more melody-driven tone, weaving an intricate tapestry of raw emotions with a handful of melodic sections that flawlessly pull the weight of such fully loaded guitar work.    

The closing tracks "Flesh Pit" and "The End" maintain the band's characteristic aggressive sound while effectively conveying the emotionally charged lyrical themes that have been a consistent presence throughout the entire album before coming to a close. 

State Of Aggression is an album that doesn't represent itself as deathcore, hardcore, or metalcore. It embraces everything all at once that Devitalized strives to be. State of Aggression is one's lyrical notes of three years and a band that came together to make it, lifting the emotional weight off their chest. No matter what struggles one has to deal with, they can get back up and be better, and do it with people they love. While this is just the beginning for the up-and-coming band, State of Aggression shows the untapped creative potential this band has, and what is yet to be experienced from the band. 


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