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INTO THE VOID: Episode 20 - Alt. and Their latest Album Release, ABEYANCE

In the newest edition of Into The Void podcast, I chatted with Australian rockers Alt. about their start as a band, their latest release ABEYANCE, and much more!

When looking at the journey alt. has gone through the past few years, ABEYANCE is a powerful statement that proves alt. is more than ready to take over the alternative rock scene. An album's music traces its roots back to the early days of their debut EP while firmly placing its feet in the future with its multidimensional genre and atmospheric soundscapes. ABEYANCE has brought alt. into 2023 with all guns blazing, with a bright promise for the new year.

"'APEP' is the Egyptian god of chaos and he is consuming our world," shares vocalist Daniel Richards. "We see his impacts through the pandemic, our corrupt governments, and social media being used as a weapon to divide people. We need to realize we are not the enemy — we haven't done this to ourselves or each other. We are being used and it's time to stand up and fight or this chaos will devour us all."

ABEYANCE has had a challenging few years but has found a new beginning with renewed focus and determination. Expertly showcasing their impressive technical skills and ability to tell compelling stories with a modern flair, alt. also incorporates unique emotional elements within ABEYANCE, making them one of the most promising acts in the music scene.

We talk about all of this and more on this episode of Into The Void! Listen Now!



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