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Into The Void: Episode 11 - 'Corporation'

In this latest episode of Into The Void, vocalist Joel Holmqvist of Aviana joins me as we talk about the band's history, full-release Corporation, moving forward, and more! Listen now!

In this latest edition of Into The Void, I talk with Joel Holmqvist of solo project Aviana. Since their return in February of 2021, the Swedish band made a definite impact on the scene. After going through past members leaving the band, Joel exceeded all expectations and returned strong with his new album, Corporation.

We talk about what started it all, the path forward, the creative process in making the project what it is today, dealing with the past of the band members going their separate ways, the new album, favorite artists, touring, and more!

Step Into The Void.

Editing by: Schae Beaudoin

Music by: Intro and Outro "Lights" (Jpow Flicks)


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