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Into The Void: Episode 16 - 'Eclipse'

In the next episode of the Into The Void Podcast, I speak with German post-hardcore outfit Our Mirage. We discuss how the band got started, their latest compelling and multidimensional release, Eclipse, the personal challenges we all experience, the growing struggles within our youth today, and much more!

When looking at mint post-hardcore heavyweights Our Mirage, it's inspiring to see the success they have amounted to over the past three years. Inspired by their lead vocalist Timo Bonner, who wanted to build a new project where he could finally express himself more genuinely, the result would manifest into Our Mirage.

Their single "Nightfall" would spark lots of interest within the scene. Seeing the positive affirmation one single had generated, Timo looked to finetune the vision he created. Daniel Maus already performed as a drummer in an earlier band with Timo, making him his first pick. Manuel Mobs, Timo's best buddy, swiftly joined as a bassist and second vocalist, and Our Mirage was created.

Since the addition of guitarist Steffen Hirz, Our Mirage has continued to grow and mature as a band. They would write two albums between 2018 through 2019, Lifeline and Unseen Relations, catapulting their success to their latest album, Eclipse. Our Mirage continues to fearlessly expand and reinvent their sound with each album, always wearing their emotions on their sleeves and topped with compelling atmospheric tension and musical intensity.



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