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EP Review: Kite Thief - Ambiviolent

UK band Kite Thief trailblazes into the scene with their new captivating and unrelenting EP experience, Ambiviolent.

Kite Thief is one of those treasures in the alternative genre that within one listen magic

happens. An extreme form of catharsis infused with a high level of abreaction, anger, and musical playfulness, as well as an untamed sense of tenacity to be themselves, This is what one experiences in the Bristol band's latest EP, Ambiviolent.

Ambiviolent is a small offering that details the best of the saccharine and gritty style Kite Thief offers its listeners.

From the start, "The Tide" draws the listener in with a distinct powerful flavors, merging intense electronic, metalcore, melodic, and vocal soundscapes to produce an addictive yet viciously warped experience that permeates the whole EP.

Other noteworthy moments, such as "Goldsick," continue to leave a lasting impression as Elin's agile vocals cascade over astounding cathodic soundscapes, tightening their hold on snappy percussion craftsmanship and filthy guitar tones. Ambiviolent tides change with "Judge Judy and The Executioner" as Kite Thief's blend of nu-metal, acoustic, and spoken word elements creates a pleasurable listening experience while also demonstrating the band's ability to accomplish more with their sound.

"Shush" continues to deliver their signature head-splitting and unrelenting sound coupled with a gorgeous mix of dulcet and gritty voltaic atmosphere, making it one of the most favorable experiences on the EP before jumping into the final track.

The final and title track, "Ambiviolent" shows a level of intoxicating melody, punishing rhythms, & unforgiving guitar riffs that the EP has beautifully worked towards providing as a last offering.

Ambiviolent is a small offering that details the best of the saccharine and gritty style Kite Thief offers its listeners. A captivating piece of music that tells a story of facing one's darkness, whilst simultaneously empowering through acceptance, understanding, love, and having fun within that process, this EP delivers a colorful taste of what Kite Thief has in store for 2024, and the future looks bright for the newcomers.

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