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Mirrorcell Drops Heavy October New Single, "ZOMBIE"

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The Kansas City industrial-metalcore newcomers Mirrorcell are back with their new hard-hitting and haunting October single, "ZOMBIE."

Kansas City Industrial-metalcore act Mirrorcell made quite the impression with their first single "Bleach." One that touched on the internal struggles we all face to find ourselves, Mirrorcell comes back swinging again with an all-new defiant and heavy-hitting number, "Zombie," produced by Ben McGuinness and Caleb Freihaut. Inspired by a number of artists such as Poppy, Knocked Loose, Ho99o9, Darko US, and the hit Korean horror Netflix series All Of Us Are Dead, "Zombie" takes an even deeper look at people who are hollow, carbon copies of others.

To me ZOMBIE is a track that disengages your mind and soul and lets you be open or not afraid to conform to whatever may be restricting you from being your true self.   

Mirrorcell welds this deep sense of orchestrated chaos together with an arsenal of industrial metalcore atmospheric energies while sprinkling in touches of melodic synths to add body to their already commanding presence. While this is only the second single from the Kansas City trio, Mirror Cell is quickly proving that they are forces to be reckoned with in the scene. 

Hey Nate Cell! Thank you for coming back to Into The Void. So we are talking about your new single. Your last single "Bleach" dealt with the internal struggle we all face to find peace within ourselves. Zombie seems to deal with those that seem to just be hollow, carbon copies of each other. What inspired you to write this single?   

Nate Cell: "ZOMBIE" was inspired by multiple things. Instrumentally our track is inspired by genres/bands like Poppy, Knocked Loose, Ho99o9 & DARKO US. Lyrically I wanted the song to be up to the listener's interpretation. But I felt very inspired at the time of writing it from a show called “All of Us Are Dead” on Netflix. Then from there. I felt it would be interesting to amalgamate the idea of parasocial issues and people who are content with being hollow, carbon copies of each other.   

You worked and recorded with Recorded with producers Ben McGuiness and Caleb Freihaut. How did that impact your writing and recording experience and how was that different from Bleach?  

Nate Cell: Working with Caleb Freihaut and Ben McGuinness is amazing (they also helped with writing Bleach). Their diverse taste in music and songwriting helped bring so many different elements to the song such as electronic/industrial parts, Trap/Hip-hop styled verses, Heavy Guitar & a catchy hook.     

Instrumentally you guys keep a lot of that industrial metalcore formula intact but we also get haunting synths to accommodate the lyrical backbone of your single. In what ways was this different to work with outside of your last single, "Bleach"?   

Nate Cell: Writing "ZOMBIE" felt different in the sense that it was a heavy track. This left a lot of room to focus on what I could do vocally/lyrically to keep the aggression and tension throughout the song consistent.  


What have you guys taken from both experiences being that both processes were a bit different coming together?  

Nate Cell: I feel like both processes showed what we are capable of as musicians. That we have a lot of different influences in styles of music and listeners won’t know what to expect from us in the future.    


What are you wanting listeners to take from Zombie? While it feels like Zombie touches on not being afraid to be yourself in a world that pressures people to all be the same, I feel that's only being surface-level, haha.   

Nate Cell: To me, ZOMBIE is a track that disengages your mind and soul and lets you be open or not afraid to conform to whatever may be restricting you from being your true self.   

What can fans expect from you guys next?  

Nate Cell: Fans can expect a lot from us. We have no plans of slowing down/stopping. People can expect an EP’s worth of material stretching into next year with a lot of different & experimental tracks backed with some thought-out and visually pleasing content for each release.

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