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UK Metalcore Band Rituals Releases New Single "In Devastation" Off Upcoming EP 'Show Me The Signs'

High-rising UK metalcore band Rituals releases new high-octane single off their gargantuan EP experience Show Me The Signs, debuting September 2nd.

High-rising UK metalcore band Rituals have always fought hard within their career to stand out in the genre and are now starting to succeed in turning a few heads within the scene. Pulling from a wealth of aggressive influences in their arsenal, Rituals have created a gargantuan sound that is auditorially mesmerizing.

"In Devastation" focuses on the ability to pair aggression with positive meaning and mental clarity.

With their new single, "In Devastation," deriving off their upcoming September EP, Show Me The Signs, Rituals delivers hefty and monstrous soundscapes backed by infectious guitar hooks that will engross the ears of any fan of the genre. While this is a small taste of what to expect from the September experience, Rituals' unique energy is just the start of a bright beginning for the New Castle metallers.

What started Rituals? What is the story behind your band name?

Our singer Lewis and guitarist Ewan started Rituals simply out of both wanting to be in a band, but both not being in one! The name was one Ewan had for a while before the band was even a thought, so when he and Lewis started it, the name was already there.

What are your musical influences? How did they help shape your new single, "In Devastation?"

Honestly, all sorts, modern metal like Architects, Bleed From Within, and Parkway Drive, but also music like Depeche Mode, Oasis, and Tom Misch. "In Devastation" definitely leans into our heavy influences, it was never a conscious effort to do so, it just happened. You can hear elements of bands like Decapitated and Machine Head in there too.

You guys have a new sophomore EP coming from which this new impressive single derives. How would you say this creative process was different from your 2021 EP, Awake?

This time we all got in a room, jammed songs, and made arrangement changes as we went. We think this is audible in the result, there is an energy to the new EP that wasn't there with Awake.

Lyrically, where is "In Devastation" coming from? How does it fall into the overall message of the new EP?

"In Devastation" focuses on the ability to pair aggression with positive meaning and mental clarity.

There is considerable depth and growth from your previous EP in this latest single from last year's EP? What inspired that change for you guys?

In all honesty, it was done by wanting to better ourselves, taking the things we felt we did well on Awake, and building on them.

What do you want people to take from this new EP release?

We want people to love the songs and get something out of them, whether that's a riff, a lyric, a melody, or just anything they can get from our music!

What is next for you guys this year?

Festival appearances at Dominion and RiseFest, as well as some run of dates in the UK towards the end of the year, so keep a look out on our socials for those announcements!

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