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Album Review: Saul - 'THIS IS IT...THE END OF EVERYTHING.'

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Modern rock quartet Saul fosters a deeper connection with their fans with their new genuine and towering full release, THIS IS IT...THE END OF EVERYTHING.

For the modern rock Iowa quartet Saul, creating music has always been about that raw connection to their fans. Since the Midwest band's inception in 2017, Saul sought to make that intimate connection with listeners with their aggressive and inspirational 2020 album release, Rise As Equals. To further that connection with their fans and new listeners, Saul continues to build on that in their evolved new release, THIS IS IT...THE END OF EVERYTHING. While we may be in a room with each other physically, technology will often find a way to disconnect us from those around us. Saul felt like everything was coming to an end. Physical connections have become almost non-existent. People no longer need to be in the same space to feel connected. This is the basis and their emotional journey, THIS IS IT...THE END OF EVERYTHING. Collaborating with producer Kile Odell [Motionless In White, Nita Strauss] this time around, Saul brings out another side to themselves on this latest installment of their careers.

Saul has demonstrated that even during difficult times, beauty can be found through a variety of captivating instrumental components woven together with wonderful atmospheric touches and sincere lyricism.

The album starts with a grim and punishing first experience, "TOOTH AND NAIL." Gives us a post-apocalyptic experience that drives home the point of war, hopelessness, and fighting to the death for what you believe in, "Tooth and Nail" brings connecting and appreciating what you love and have to another level, opening the door for more transformative moments on this album.

Anthemic "THE LAST PARADE" continues to thrive off the remnants of the last track's impact. Captivating and emotional from start to finish, it brings listeners into lethal heavy-hitter, "A MILLION MILES." Describing the connection between us that seems to vanish between human beings through technology and the course of the pandemic, Saul creates this fantastic push and pulls between guitar riffs, mesmerizing melodies, and candid emotion within its theme.

The next highlight, "MORE OF THE SAME," and "RUNAWAY" continue to show a level of dedication and willingness to explore throughout each track. Animated with fiery vocals, compelling lyricism, and draped with euphonious guitar riffs, "Runaway" delves into themes of isolation, feeling invisible, and ultimately feeling helpless to achieve one's aspirations.

Other beautiful junctures such as "NO MERCY" and "BEHIND THESE EYES" progress the album forward with gorgeous atmospheric electronic transitions within an antagonistic bed of heavy guitar tones and sundry melodies. Something Saul is fantastic at doing is making people feel a part of their music. Their music continues to evolve with every emotional experience and push-and-pull of the lyrics, yet it still manages to feel like a complete piece. The listeners and the band are all part of the same experiences, which is clear from the start of the record.

Saul's album offers a zany blend of unique tracks that include "JACK & JILL" and "BETTER AS A MEMORY". These songs feature distinct instrumental variations and straightforward lyricism, adding a layer of dissonance to the overall sound. "Better As A Memory" stands out as a heartfelt apology to Saul's wife and children for neglecting them during band-related issues. This song emphasizes the significance of nurturing relationships with loved ones in the real world, making it a standout track on the album.

The album ends with the finale explosive track, "REIGN FIRE." With gritty atmospheric and vocal energies, chugging guitar riffs, and their trademark charismatic eclectic melodies, THIS IS IT...THE END OF EVERYTHING ends on a high note.

THIS IS IT...THE END OF EVERYTHING continues to build on the message of connections and how important it is to live in the physical moment. Although technology has made emotional bonding easier for us, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of valuing human life and spending time with loved ones while we have the chance. It's crucial to cherish the moments we have with people before it's too late. Saul has demonstrated that even during difficult times, beauty can be found through a variety of captivating instrumental components woven together with wonderful atmospheric touches and sincere lyricism. This serves as a reminder that even in the most dire of circumstances, we can rise from the ashes and connect and rebuild something beautiful together.


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