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Anthemic Brit Pop-punk Crew STAY SAFE Release New Single, "Next To Me"

Anthemic up-and-coming pop-punk band STAY SAFE releases their new single, "Next To Me."

Over two years ago where the lockdown pitted a wave of uncertainty for many bands moving forward, STAY SAFE was formed as an antidote to cure that feeling of bewilderment during a painful and very confusing time. With plenty of time on their hands and a surge of creativity, the five passionate members quickly developed an act and amassed an impressive collection of catchy tunes that were sure to captivate the audio senses. When the world started to regain some type of normalcy again, STAY SAFE would go onto the road with their friends, Stray Weather.

It’s a track that highlights those little moments that grow to build the deepest connections around us. Those times when they’re happening might not feel significant, but make up a much bigger part of our relationships.

Their journey would would soon continue with other live shows to further support other bands such as UK pop-punk heroes Slackrr to [spunge], Royals, Autumn Fires, and Carry the Crown, as well as many sold-out hometown shows in Manchester. Building a fantastic reputation to boot, their four singles and debut EP, Power Chords and Nursey Rhymes showed that they were ready to take it to the next level. Now the highly infectious new pop-punk band has emerged with a brand new single, "Next To Me." With an arsenal of chunky riffs and engaging choruses, "Next To Me" perfectly showcases the next step in STAY SAFE's evolving sound.

What started the band Stay Safe?

Long story. Involving Chris (Guitarist) and Lee (Drummer) randomly having a jam session just before lockdown after having many many years of not playing together (almost 9 years). Roping in Whitty to sing, who Chris and Lee have known since high school. Then Jack on guitar who Lee Worked with previously and then last but not least Scott on Bass who Chris worked with previously. Many lockdown Zoom calls and writing songs all accumulated in practices when we were finally allowed to play our first show in August 2021.

What are your musical influences? How do those fit into your new single, "Next To Me?"

We are all into quite dramatically different styles of music at times but on this track, it pulls through how much we are all into the original pop punk pioneers, this one in particular having a New Found Glory feel! I think it brings that original style and mixes it with the more modern era of pop-punk.

You guys have come out with a few singles like, "Winter Hill," "Complicated," and now your new single, "Next To Me." How did your creative process for this EP differ from your previous one, Power Chords and Nursery Rhymes, released in 2022?

When we recorded Power Chords and Nursery Rhymes, for many of us it was our first time in a studio setting and we knew very little about what goes into recording a song professionally. We learned loads from our first experience. When the time came to record Next To Me, we built upon what we learned the first time around and went in knowing exactly what we wanted, we also went in with more confidence and got to work with our producer Alex Copp to bring it all to life.

Lyrically, what is "Next To Me" diving into?

It’s a track that highlights those little moments that grow to build the deepest connections around us. Those times when they’re happening might not feel significant, but make up a much bigger part of our relationships. Chris wrote this about the early days of his relationship with his now-fiancee, but we think there’s something more universal at the heart of the track.

Will "Next To Me" be included as a part of a new EP?

Unfortunately not. We decided together that after the release of our first EP Power Chords and Nursery Rhymes last year that we should do single releases for a while. With us being 100% self-funded it will allow us to commit more money into each song release as it comes i.e. production, video, and marketing rather than a softer release of many songs. This also benefits us time management-wise as we all work full-time jobs to focus on one song at a time, with a few extra bits in the background of course.

What is next for you guys outside of the current single?

We already have our next single done and ready to go and are always working on new material, but our next major event is our tour in August! We are heading down south to places we have never been before and playing alongside some incredible bands, we are all excited to get out on the road again! After that who knows, we have plans and ideas, just waiting for the right moments.


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