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The Sight of Impact Drop Meteoric New Single "Ideal Life" Featuring Dropout Kings

The Sight Of Impact changes the game with intimate and explosive new single "Ideal Life"

South-Texas alternative/nu-metalcore quintet The Sight Of Impact is more than just your typical metalcore band. Since 2019 with the debut of their self-titled EP, the band showed they had an individual sound that defied the genre and continued to do so throughout their career with many other singles to melodic and beautifully heavy moment, "Unrealistic" this year.

“It's that matter of expectation. Parents, partners, or even society expect you to fit into certain things that are looked at as "successful". Who gets to define that for anyone? Just because you're not making as much money as someone else, doesn't mean you're not successful.”

While this path of excellence continues to grow for this up-and-coming band, this is only the beginning of their story when it comes to releasing music that keeps you on your toes. Their newest red-hot single "Ideal Life" is a prime example of that. With kaleidoscopic flavors of melodic vocals, sewn into the anger and grit of rap and nu-metalcore instrumentalism, it's a recipe of modern rock perfection for the ears you never thought you needed. As the path for The Sight Of Impact grows brighter with each release, "Ideal Life" is a dynamic presence of a track that holds personal merit to the band as well.

I want to thank you guys for being here today with Into The Void. I greatly appreciate it! It's always a pleasure working with you guys. You guys have had quite a year so far, your last single, "Unrealistic" only gave us a taste of that before this release.

UJ: Thank you for having us! It’s always an honor to work with you Sam. And thank you so much, it has been pretty great since the release of "Unrealistic," that track really brought in a lot of new eyes and ears for us, so we just felt that we had to keep the momentum going!

Working with Dropout Kings for your new single "Ideal Life" must have been a great experience. What was the writing and recording process like being that your music styles are a bit different?

Moises: UJ and I have always been very comfortable writing together. We have always kept a very open ear and mind to the writing. That being said, we started writing this song with Adam and Eddie’s style in mind. We pulled back on the heaviness of the verse to have Eddie’s rapping come out stronger during his parts and upped the intensity when Adam’s screams were gonna come through. It was an amazing fit as their styles just flowed so well with the song.

UJ: It was definitely an amazing experience. Honestly, we have always been open to writing any style of music that we want, so we kind of just went for it. I have been great friends with Adam and Eddie for almost a year now. When I approached him about getting them featured, he was all for it!

When Moises and I got together to write, we knew that we wanted to write something that just hit hard straight from the get-go. Naturally, we kept bands like Linkin Park and Korn in mind while writing the instrumentals to the track. We needed something to supplement that rap n’ rock style that would go hand in hand with Dropout Kings genre and even fan base. We just went and tracked the song with our Producer Wade Concienne and then sent it over to the boys in DOK and just told them to do their thing, and it came out great!

I wanted to key in on the lyric context of the track. How did the inspiration for "Ideal Life" come about? It is a deep song that taps into some themes of happiness in life and what people expect from you. Almost as if people are puppetmasters to your happiness at times, and you have to be brave enough to fight those battles to gain back that control yourself. What point were you at where this came about to write something like this?

Moises: It's that matter of expectation. Parents, partners, or even society expect you to fit into certain things that are looked at as "successful". Who gets to define that for anyone? Just because you're not making as much money as someone else, doesn't mean you're not successful. Like, stop putting your goals and expectations onto someone else. We are all individuals with different wants, needs, and what makes us happy is different from one person to the next. I'm not about to live the rest of my life doing something I don't wanna do just because parents, partners, or anyone else wants that for me. What a waste.

What do you want listeners to take from this release?

Moises: Basically, that you are not anyone's puppet. Once you're adult enough to make your own choices, live your own life. Do things for yourself. Life's too short to be doing something you don't enjoy.

UJ: Live your life the way you want to, and don’t let anyone control you with what they believe is the right “path” for you. Be happy and just keep working on doing your thing. Success will come with passion and hard work.

I know this is a big moment for you guys musically, but what's next for the band moving forward?

UJ: This is definitely a huge moment in our lives where we have been able to connect with our fans and amazing artists such as Dropout Kings. They have been great friends of ours in helping us with our journey so far. As for what’s next, you can expect plenty of more music and possibly live shows on the way! We have been working extra hard to keep the content coming. I promise you’ll love what’s coming next.


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