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Into The Void: UNCVRD - Travis Brockett

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Seasoned musician Travis Brockett has been making music for over 20 years. This year, the talented vocalist has been turning over a new leaf, and today continues that journey with with his third agitated new single, "Betrayed."

Growth develops from the most unanticipated places for artists like Travis Brockett. The seasoned artist for almost 20 years knows something about picking up the pieces and beginning anew. It's never an easy choice to leave a band with whom you've spent so much time and made so many memories, but after leaving the band, frontman Travis Brockett has embarked on a new adventure as a solo artist. Keeping much of his heavy and melodic origins from the band that shaped the soundscapes he'd bring to his solo death metal effort.

I have felt the sting of betrayal, whether with friends or loved ones, in the past and I wanted to really tap into that emotion. I feel that the lyrics combined with my vocal style really tell a story.

Paying homage to a period that first drew him into the genre, his new song "Betrayed," is an intense and dynamic experience that builds on the notion of a succession of betrayal from friends and loved ones and the musical influences of Texas In July. "Betrayal" is the next stage in Brockett's career, developed with Nic and Matt Schmidt, who helped establish the musical universes in which his violent and euphonic spaces exist. While the artist is still in the early stages of this new journey, "Betrayal's" honest vulnerability gives audiences hope that they are not alone in their challenges.

Welcome back to Into The Void Travis! It's been a while and lots to talk about! This has been quite the journey for you as one of the mint new artists stepping into the metal realm. What inspired this project for you?

Travis Brockett: Thanks Sammie! It has been a while and I am glad to see the work you have done over the last few years. I started my metal vocal career nearly 20 years ago in a band called A Test of Faith. We played quite a few local shows here in Iowa and we were what you might call a Melodic Metal band by today’s standards. We relied a lot on cleans with my screams for the heavier sections of the track. I was also a big fan of a lot of the metalcore bands of that timeframe, so we leaned heavily into that. After leaving that band, I got into more death metal projects and the melodic side went away. I really wanted to bring that melodic side back with this project. I want to pay tribute to an era that got me heavily into this genre and put my own spin on it.

"Betrayed" is a potent and emotive listening experience, with a lot of progressive melodies at the helm and some brutal guitar energy woven in between. What instrumentally inspired this music process, and how was it different from anything you'd worked on before?

Travis Brockett: So musically, this track was heavily inspired by the band Texas In July. They were a band that I really got into back in the early 2010s and just recently made a comeback. Nic, who wrote the instrumentals, and I talked about what I was looking for and he absolutely delivered. I just wanted those heavy-hitting breakdowns you got in that era and felt something like that would really compliment my vocal style. Matt Schmidt, who I work with on all my tracks, delivered the overall production on this track and really made this track more than I had envisioned.

Lyrically, "Betrayed" deals with intense themes of disloyalty and loss. What was the lyric-writing process like when exploring such heavy themes?

Travis Brockett: “Betrayed”, like most of my tracks, comes from a very personal place. I have leaned heavily on some of my past as a source for my material and I feel it allows for people to really connect to my songs. I have felt the sting of betrayal, whether with friends or loved ones, in the past and I wanted to really tap into that emotion. I feel that the lyrics combined with my vocal style really tell a story.

If there was a message you would want listeners to take from this new experience, what would that be?

Travis Brockett: I think the message I try to send with a lot of my tracks is “You are not alone.” I want my tracks to elicit many kinds of emotions whether that be anger, sadness, or acceptance.

Often when people are going through traumatic events, they feel alone or isolated.

Every situation is unique and should not be discounted, but sometimes knowing there are others who have been through something similar helps. I hope that my songs can be that for someone feeling that way.

What is next for you down the line? Is "Betrayed" a part of a larger project in the works?

Travis Brockett: The music industry has changed so much that the idea of albums is completely different. I am not a large artist with a ton of fans anticipating my next album so to me that just doesn’t make sense. I am really taking this project on a single-by-single basis. I really want to put out music that connects to people and isn’t just what you hear from every other artist. Like I said before, I want to pay tribute to those who inspired me while showing people who I am as well. I have a few more tracks currently in the works, including a cover track from a band that I was a huge fan of back in the day. I just hope people can enjoy what I am doing and follow me on this journey.


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