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UNCVRD: Beyond Unbroken

Ever since Michael and Monte Money made the transition from one of the most renowned bands in the scene era Escape The Fate, both brothers would successfully and independently build another future for themselves with other determined musicians who shared their vision, Beyond UnBroken. Now joining forces with Independent label FIXT, their dreams have only begun to burn brighter than ever since their 2023 release, Running Out of Time. Now their new cold, atmospheric, and, aggressive, single, "The Madness" shows a new side to their sound.

Transition. It’s something that every band goes through as they begin to transcend to another phase of their sound or maybe even another chapter that leaves behind old projects to begin new ones. For bands like Beyond Unbroken, the transition into the band they have flourished into is not something that came easy. When Beyond Unbroken stepped into the scene, 2015’s “Under Your Skin” would be a single that sparked interest not just for their diverse musicality but for the larger picture that was going on in the background. Two brothers. Michael and Monte Money had just made the jump from one of the most prominent bands in the scene, Escape The Fate, and were taking their first steps into uncharted musical territory with a brand new band, Beyond Unbroken. A new project, a new vision, and a future full of untapped musical possibilities remained at their fingertips.

You are not alone in this battle with mental health. Do not be afraid to seek help or talk to someone. Do not let anyone ever tell you what you are worth because you are worth an infinity of times more than that. You are loved, you are special, and you are truly a gift. - Michael Money 

Don't Wake the Dead would be an EP that demonstrated the band's ambition to achieve new heights while also emphasizing their commitment to reinvention and braving the storms of opposition with each release. Running Out of Time was Beyond Unbroken's metamorphosis of two brothers and a band that had risen to fame from one of the most renowned bands in the scene and took a chance to cross the line into self-production and a label that would allow them to realize those visions, FIXT. A picture of progress and defying expectations, Beyond Unbroken is an independent project that now continues to commit themselves to transforming their soundscapes with their new single, “The Madness.” A tenebrous and piercing new experience that dives deeper into the dark recesses of one's own mind and the demons we find there, “The Madness” bares their creative fangs with extreme versatility and the ability to go above such brutality with augmented melodic atmospheres, demonstrating that Beyond Unbroken has only begun to show us the artistic potential excitedly waiting to be unveiled this year.


Ever since your single “Under Your Skin” came out in 2015, your band can best be described as one that is determined when it comes to finding ways to reinvent yourselves whether it's with a single, EP, or an album. While metalcore is often a genre used to define what you guys have made over the years, you refuse to be cornered by such boundaries. It’s been a long way since 2015, with you guys releasing your Don’t Wake The Dead EP in 2017, to Running Out of Time in 2023 What has been like leading up to this point? Being that part of your band started from Escape The Fate, what has that journey been like coming up to this point leading up to this single, “The Madness?”

Michael Money: That's a great question! The music we created in Escape the Fate became our signature style and it's what we'll always be remembered for. I'm thrilled that those records had such a pivotal impact on our fans and continue to resonate with them even today. Moving forward with Beyond Unbroken, we wanted to build on that foundation and dive even deeper into what makes our sound so captivating for the masses. We released our first EP, "Don't Wake The Dead," where we aimed to capture our styles from our previous albums, "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion," "This War Is Ours," the 2010 self-titled record, and "Ungrateful." 

We added new elements and rediscovered our capabilities and passion for making music. The EP became an instant success with millions of video and stream views, and we were pleasantly surprised at how greatly it was received. Going forward, we were approached by (FiXT) for a multiple-album deal and released the 2023 "Running Out of Time" album. We had an absolute blast making that album, pushing even further beyond our comfort zone and what we people see and perceive as staying in our lane when it comes to creating music. We didn't want to be defined by any genres and we were willing to take risks that defined that album's influences. Tracks like "Smoke" "With Or Without Me" and "Medicine" were bold and daring. 

Most artists tend to avoid trying anything different, but we thrive on the challenge. Our album features a wide range of genres, including Hip-Hop, Trap, Rap, Rock, Metal, and Pop-punk, making it a diverse and modern sound. However, we still managed to keep it true to our signature sound, making it more us. We are glad that fans instantly fell in love with the album, and it has garnered millions of streams. Our mashup of Twenty One Pilots & Lil Peep, "Falling Down + Heathens," was a one-off track that we loved and it turned out to be another Spotify success. We are truly happy with the outcome. Our latest single, "Blood On My Hands," is a testament to our ability to redefine our sound and maintain that dark tonality that resonates with our listeners.


The music video was also Directed and Produced by (Monte Money & Michael Money) as we also loved the challenging role of videography. That brings us to "The Madness." We had an incredibly intense time making this. We wanted every second of it to feel cinematic and brutal to blow you away. From recording it to shooting the music video, the story is one everyone can relate to it's about mental health and the battles we have but are sometimes nervous or scared to talk about when it comes to the topic of depression and our anxieties. It's about pushing past your barriers and finding yourself.

Instrumentally Running Out of Time is a record that dips its toes into many genres. With each track you guys consistently mix and mold something new for your vision track for track, more impressively all of your efforts are self-produced. In many ways, this made Running Out of Time a fun experience because each moment defies expectations of what we hear next.

Your new single, “The Madness,” is tenebrous, sort of piercing, and aggressive. What has this instrumental process been like digging into a more intense and atmospheric soundscape chapter of your music from 2023’s Running Out of Time? Has working with FIXT changed that at all? 

Michael Money: Working on "The Madness" was a huge undertaking. Monte and I spent months in our studio day and night to make it extravagant by adding elements of heavy-driven synthesizers and low, guttural, screaming guitar riffs. We added multiple breakdowns and crazy, slowed-down, heavy tempo changes for listeners to feel the impact. Vocally, the song took another few months. I personally recorded about 3,000 different vocal scream takes which was a very strenuous task for me. I had to bring a towel with me because of the massive amounts of sweat I put into the song. It was like going to the gym! However, I am truly happy with the outcome as it's definitely the most brutal track we've ever recorded. I showed it to my label (FiXT), and I was pleased with their reaction as they were absolutely mesmerized. The look on their faces was just jaw-dropping!

Lyrically, “The Madness” dives into the dark recesses of the mind and the demons that reside there. Paired with this sublime and brutal instrumental world you guys have gorgeously created for this single, I think it details and expands some of the most haunting and impactful efforts you guys have made to date. While talking about these things is not alien for you guys as a band, you are pushing the way you are talking about these issues narrative-wise. Can we talk about these themes?

Michael Money: "The Madness" is a song that focuses on raising awareness about mental health. When I was writing the lyrics, I realized that I was talking about my own struggles and battles with mental health. My brother, Monte Money, also contributed to the song and his lyrics in the chorus helped me connect more with the audience on this sensitive topic that many of us are reluctant to talk about openly. So, when we seek help from therapists, we shouldn't be afraid to do so. I deeply empathize with all of you because you are all amazing in my eyes. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to create music for all of you. Thank you for lending me your ears.

Can we talk about the music video and the art for “The Madness?” I know you guys are inspired by horror as well as real-life events that happen around you. How did this contribute to the process and making of the video to tell your song’s story?

Michael Money: I absolutely love cult-horror movies. I grew up with these movies and binge-watched them tirelessly. They had a tremendous impact on my life and really set the tone for the music video when I added a lot of eerie nuances and undertones, really bringing the music video to life when filming. I particularly love the horror soundtracks and iconic filmmakers such as John Carpenter; his unique vision when directing his movies is truly remarkable."

What is something that has stood out for you in this whole process for “The Madness”? How has this contributed to your overall growth as an artist or as a person? 

Michael Money: "The Madness" conveys a powerful message of triumphing over our negative thought patterns and overcoming mental health barriers. It inspires us to become stronger by any means necessary. In the music video, I portrayed this emotion by depicting a prison guard taunting me.

What are you wanting fans to take from this new single, “The Madness”?

Michael Money: You are not alone in this battle with mental health. Do not be afraid to seek help or talk to someone. Do not let anyone ever tell you what you are worth because you are worth an infinity of times more than that. You are loved, you are special, and you are truly a gift. We only have a short time here on Earth, so don't ever be afraid to be great. You may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. 

What else can we expect from you guys moving forward?

Michael Money: Beyond Unbroken is setting the tone for 2024, and we are not stopping, so expect more groundbreaking music for you to feast on. Thank you for lending me your ears. We just might reward all of you with a new album on the horizon, haha.


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