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Ohio four-piece hard rock band ENMY has joined the FiXT roster for a multi-album deal. To celebrate, FiXT is rereleasing a deluxe edition of the group's debut album Breaking Down featuring their hit songs "Clarity", "Demon Eyes" and "Burn" plus their new cinematic mix of "Never Healing."

Now more than ever, in a sea of bands jostling for attention in listeners' minds, it takes a certain type of unique energy from a band to stand out. ENMY, a four-piece band from Ohio, has managed to capture that energy with their harsh, fresh, and dominating intensity. Their music is not just an art form, but a way of life for these passionate artists.

The hope is that you can click play on the album and just enjoy the experience from front to back. The album is set up in a way that the energy is constantly changing to keep you engaged and interested in the delivery of each song. -ENMY 

ENMY first burst onto the scene in 2020 with their debut experience, "Demon Eyes". Their subsequent release, debut album "Breaking Down" in 2021, showcased their ability to artfully articulate rawness and vulnerability through contention, while still leaving room for melodic and ethereal experimentation within those familiar walls.

Despite still feeling like a new band, ENMY has already shown remarkable maturity beyond their years. Their upcoming album, which will be released through FiXT, promises to be a game-changer. Their new single, "Never Healing" Cinematic Mix, is a perfect prelude to the new album and a new way to revisit one of their defining tracks from the original release.

The "Never Healing" Cinematic Mix pushes the boundaries of their sound with deep rich production and atmosphere while still keeping the magic of their layered contention alive. With every note, ENMY owns the very spaces they present themselves in, showing hard rock newcomers who are poised to take the music world by storm.

Since you originally started in 2020 with your single, "Demon Eyes," I don't think anybody could have predicted the level of popularity that would follow. Then, with Breaking Down in 2021, you established your place in the scene with one of your best album successes. In 2024, you're releasing a remix of "Never Healing" Cinematic Mix, one of your tracks from the Breaking Down Deluxe Edition. It definitely embraces what you guys are capable of when it comes to blending these confrontational elements with the deep richness of the electronic environments. Can we speak about what it's been like for the past four years to be one of the top hard-rock indie groups on the circuit?

ENMY: Thanks a lot for the kind words. It’s funny, we still have this infancy view of ourselves in the grand scheme of the music scene. It never gets old seeing a comment from someone saying that they have just discovered us and quite honestly, seeing things like that still gives the same butterflies that it did on day 1. Overall, we don’t really spend a lot of time reflecting on accomplishments. It’s not that we don’t want to enjoy them, we’re just constantly setting new goals for ourselves and choosing to keep our focus on them.

Instrumentally, ENMY is a hard rock band that has so much going on underneath the surface of your music. There are these beautiful, deep, atmospheric cathodic elements at play against a backdrop of metalcore, hard rock, nu metal, hardcore, and a few progressive elements in that mix. Going into the Deluxe Edition, instrumentally, what was something that was most important for you to showcase when it comes to a sound as multifaceted as yours that you didn’t get to do in the original release?

ENMY: As a collective group, we have a lot of influences. We try to have fun with writing and we do that by not closing ourselves off creatively. As you mentioned, there are several genres and styles all tied into one “sound” with any given ENMY song. We felt that “Breaking Down” had a good balance of band influence vs originality in the writing and wanted to showcase that. 

Lyrically, Breaking Down seems to me that there are different points within a person's life where there is that breaking point. The point where one feels buried by their problems and insecurities, and it just feels like there isn’t a way out. There is a pain that sets in and one just gets numb and lost in it all. Going into the Deluxe Edition, what was it like going to revisit a lot of these themes for you guys?

ENMY: Well, a lot of the writing on this album came either during or shortly after the height of the Covid Pandemic which was a dark/solitary time for everyone. So it wasn’t really difficult to tap into these headspaces and piece together lyrical concepts. As you will notice, we try to create a “Theme” for each song. What I mean by that is finding ways to have the instrumentals match the tone and feel of the song lyrically. If the lyrical subject matter is “confused”, “numb”, or “emptiness”, we try to incorporate ways to make the song compliment those feelings instrumentally. 

What have you taken from Breaking Down as an experience? Returning to it with FiXT, has that created a new dynamic of an experience for you guys when it comes to the Deluxe Edition? I know when one makes a record, at a certain point in one's life, different emotions resonate with finishing that experience. With the deluxe edition, and signing with FiXT now, there is another layer of emotions that come to the surface.

ENMY: Yeah for sure, mostly we feel grateful to have a body of work that we spent almost two years working on to have its day in the spotlight. I think Breaking Down is a great “introduction” piece for new listeners who are hearing ENMY for the first time because as a whole it captures a lot of different variations of our “sound”. 

What are you wanting fans to take away from this new experience?

ENMY: We did a little re-ordering of the track listing and introduced the new “Cinematic Mix” of our song “Never Healing” which has always been one of our fan favorites. The hope is that you can click play on the album and just enjoy the experience from front to back. The album is set up in a way that the energy is constantly changing to keep you engaged and interested in the delivery of each song.   

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

ENMY: We are currently writing and will soon wrap up the recording of our second full album. We are excited to team up with FiXT on the delivery of this next album and believe it will be a good step in a more refined “sound” for the band. As soon as the writing part is completed, our focus is going to transition to shows! We are looking forward to getting back out on the road and playing new music for everyone. 

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