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Into The Void: Episode 14 - 'The Seventh Sun'

On this latest episode of INTO THE VOID, I talk with UK metalcore band, Bury Tomorrow. We discuss what makes them tick as musicians, their new album 'The Seventh Sun,' the renewal process within their sound and as a band, and more!

Bands like Bury Tomorrow are quickly becoming the centerfold of change within metalcore. Faced with taking a hard look at their illustrious career of 15 years during the pandemic, Bury Tomorrow had to make a difficult choice to either keep making music or to walk away from all they had accomplished. With The Seventh Sun, a new sound has not only resurfaced in this period of silence but a rebirth of a new band.

You know, there is something in the number seven that is very representative of change. There’s a renewal aspect to it – seven days in a week, seven hells, and so forth. And on our seventh album, that’s the case for us, too. I hope fans hear how much we appreciate the opportunity we have to make music for them. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase our love for, put our stamp on, and represent UK metal. What a privilege that is for us, and we’re ready to prove that we’re doing everything for those right reasons. - Kris Dawson (main guitarist and songwriter)

Bury Tomorrow are as strong as they have ever been, changed and confident as a result of their tribulations in the past. Having taken the time to write the album they have always dreamed of writing, The Seventh Sun stands as a massive testament to the bonds and conviction required to mold a band that was willing to do the work to rediscover themselves through a difficult time and within that space found a new reality, a new sound, and a new future through that creative process.

While line-up changes were clearly a part of moving forward, if they were going to continue as a band, they were doing so voluntarily, not out of a sense of obligation. They had to look for what Bury Tomorrow meant to them, and it couldn't be found in the past. A reset, an opportunity for introspection, was required.

We cover all of this and more in this latest edition of Into The Void.

Step Into The Void!

Audio Editing by: Schae Beaudoin


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