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Into The Void: Episode 18- John Wray's 'Gone To The Wolves'

In the next episode of the Into The Void Podcast, I speak with author John Wray about his new gripping dark tale about love, youth, and heavy metal, 'Gone To The Wolves.' We discuss what drove him to become a writer, 'Gone To The Wolves' themes and characters, memories that inspired the novel, and much more!

Music has been used to tell some of the most interesting stories in literature. With John Wray's newest novel, Gone To The Wolves, the story revolves around metal and high school outcasts who go from their little town in Florida to glam metal's stomping grounds, the legendary Hollywood Strip, and on to the birthplace of blackened death metal, Norway. Along their journey to discover themselves, these teenagers encounter mystery, sorrow, and love, all in the name of music, with emotional life-changing experiences that feel anything but fantasy.

Join me on the next episode of Into The Void, where I talk to the famous author about his humble beginnings as a writer, the themes and characters of Gone To The Wolves, memories that inspired the book, and much more!

Step Into The Void!

Audio Editing by: Schae Beaudoin

Music by: Intro and Outro "Lights" (Jpow Flicks)


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