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Into The Void: Episode 10 - The Lost & The Longing

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In this latest episode of Into The Void, vocalist Lucas Woodard of Holding Absence joins me as we talk about the band's history, The Lost & The Longing EP, touring, meeting Alpha Wolf, and more! Listen now!

In this new episode of Into the Void, I talk with vocalist Lucas Woodard of the post-hardcore band Holding Absence. We speak about how the band came to fruition, how music inspired Woodard in his earlier years, favorite bands and artists, the 'The Lost & The Longing' EP, recent tours, touring with metalcore luminaries The Amity Affliction and Silverstein, and much more!

"We're ecstatic to be announcing The Lost & The Longing, our split EP with Alpha Wolf! They are a band we've loved as people and musicians for years now, and we're so grateful they wanted to drop this release with us. We can't wait for people to hear our two new singles 'Aching Longing' and 'Coffin,' too! 'Aching Longing' is our band at its heaviest yet, and 'Coffin' is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. We are always trying to stretch our band into new shapes, and can't wait for people to hear what we've produced with these two tracks!"- Lucas Woodard (Vocalist- Holding Absence)

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